Application example - Vehicle Access System

Buses using TIRIS in EdinburghA TIRIS integrator installed 57 reading points around Edinburgh Scotland to track an monitor the cities public transport system. As a bus approaches a traffic light it passes over an in-ground antenna that triggers the light to change depending on the priority status of the vehicle. The system can trigger green light wave-throughs for buses and other public transport as well as emergency vehicles such as police, ambulance and fire trucks.

The TIRIS transponders mounted on 800 vehicles in Edinburgh Scotland are helping to reduce congestion and have increased bus usage so much that the system has already been extended by adding a further 23 additional read points around the city.

WeighBridgeVariations on this theme are now becoming visible around the world with Brazil tracking its buses into and out of Brasilia by enabling the production of real time arrival and departure information for the cities 400,000 bus passengers.

The Alcan plant in Ouro Preto, Brazil produces raw aluminium and now has its own automatic weighing system.


Pedestrian AccessTrucks fitted with TIRIS transponders have their ID's read and the load weight is calculated and logged for later use.

Hands free authorisation at public and private corporate parking areas is providing non-stop access for the citizens of Dallas Texas

Whilst pedestrian access is speeded up at Immingham docks in the United Kingdom.