Application Example - Valuable Asset Tracking

JCB - Valuable AssetValuable assets such as Earthmoving equipments and other road working equipments do go 'missing' and are very hard to track down, when they are it is sometimes even harder to prove ownership if serial numbers have been removed/altered.

By installing RF-ID tags in various locations around the vehicle ownership can be proved immediately as the unique signature of the transponder should only be known to the correct owners. Painting over tags is no problem so they can easily be hidden to look like part of the item being protected.

Police forces could be informed of the Tag serial numbers when an item goes missing and carry out random checks at ports and other exit points within a country, thus preventing the asset from being spirited away to another location.

The positive identification given by the TIRIS transponders often provides the burden of proof in securing criminal convictions in these type of cases.