Application Example - Livestock Tracking

Livestock TrackingThe Agriculture and Resources Department of Victoria, Australia announced that they would distribute 1 million tags free of charge to begin a wide scale cattle monitoring program.

These electronic eartags are avilable to beef producers and dairy farmers and represents the first stage of the National Livestock Identification Scheme to enable the grading of beef using the Meat Standards Australia System.

The European Commission has launched a large scale electronic identification of livestock project called I.D.E.A. (Identification Electronique des Animaux) in which TIRIS tags have emerged as a central player.

The project partners of France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain are to test every facet of the total tracking system for tracking animals from birth to slaughter.

The project involves hundreds of thousands of injectable transponders, electronic eartags and electronic bolus' and a total of a million cows, sheep and goats will be tracked over the next three years.