Automotive Application - Vehicle Security System

Automotive Application Vehicle Security SystemTamper proof and secure, with a unique identification code contained in each transponder ensures that TIRIS automotive immobilisers offer the highest levels of security.
The small TIRIS transponder can be attached or embedded into ID badges, Key rings, Vehicles and products.

Customer Payment System

A reader in the ignition system transmits a signal through the air to the transponder that answers back in milliseconds with a unique identification code sent to the reader and then the host system allowing the vehicle to start.

More than 16 million vehicles around the world are now equiped with TIRIS. Typical automotive users include, Bosch, Crysler, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Mobil, Nissan, Sensormatic, Siemens and Toyota .
Another variation on this is the protection of vehicle assets, see application article for more details.

Automotive Application - Customer Payment SystemAutomotive Application - Customer Payment System

RF-ID is advancing pay at the pump with more speed and convenience, it has provided hassle free automated transactions provided by RF-ID based payment systems.

Speedpass is being used by over 3 million Americans in the USA and at all of Mobils filling stations in Singapore.

Singaporeans were already aquainted with RF-ID as they are using a RF-ID based toll collection system named Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

The TIRIS transponder mounted on either the vehicle or a key ring automatically authorises a credit card purchase and activates the pump. Time savings and convenience help retailers add special services that build customer loyalty.