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Transponder Market Share
ISO Standards
TI and SCS in Joint Development of RF-ID

Major Market Research Companies Proclaim TIRIS as RF-ID Leader.

Venture Development Corporation in a study dated Feb 1999 listed Texas Instruments as the leading supplier of RF-ID products with the largest market share in transponder sales.

According to this research, RF-ID is forecasted to grow at 24% anually through 2002, Hardware remains the key component with software and services comprising 15% of the growth. Not surprisingly the highest growth markets are USA and Europe.

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ISO Standards Proposal Agreed

TIRIS and Philips Semiconductors have reached an agreement to support a common communications protocol standard for RF-ID smart labels.
Unanimously approved by the ISO technical task force, the proposal was subsequently promoted to Final Committee Draft (FCD) ISO 15693-2.

This emerging standard provides the first multi-vendor platform for vicinity card and smart label technology, and allows products from both companies to communicate at the same time with suitable reader/writer units.

Dick Dane, general manager of the TIRIS RF-ID business unit, said "This agreement represents the catalyst that business and industry have been waiting for. A common protocol now guarantees complete interoperability of each of our products and is a huge step in the deployment of smart labels"

"Key industry players have applauded our move to combine the best of the existing proprietary solutions into a new compatible platform" said Christop Kauer, product line manager for RF-ID of Philips Semiconductors. "We feel confident that the smart label market will dramatically exoand as a result of the strengthened confidence in the two market leaders."

With industry estimates forecasting the smart label market to reach 1 billion pieces in 2003, smart labels are one of the largest growth areas in the automatic identification market.

"With such international applications, such as airline baggage, it is very important to our customers that a standard exists." said Tony Sabetti, TIRIS marketing director. "This proposal is an important step in the roadmap of smart labels."

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Fast track to a new generation of RFID solutions

San Diego (February 14, 2000) - Technology leaders Texas Instruments and SCS Corporation today announced that they are teaming to design a UHF (868/915 MHz) radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This joint development will be instrumental in advancing UHF RFID technologies.

The two companies will develop a core UHF technology to allow each to independently manufacture and market these derivative RFID tag and scanner products through their channel partners to the RFID end user market. Initial product introduction is expected late 2000. This new product platform leverages existing and emerging allowances in the global UHF bands to deliver breakthrough performance in passive read range.

Texas Instruments, a high-tech manufacturing giant with over 70 million RFID transponders sold, has partnered with SCS Corporation due to its proven technological expertise. SCS's Dura-label® 2.45GHz technology encompasses a superior anti-collision tag protocol, long passive tag read range, and low RFID tag prices that are already strengths in the market.

According to SCS president and CEO Jacob Jacobsson, "The key to this relationship is the ability to leverage SCS's technology know-how with Texas Instruments' manufacturing and marketing strengths. This new UHF band supports a longer reading passive RFID tag that will open new markets."

SCS and Texas Instruments believe this co-operation will have the combined strength to create a standard for passive RFID tags in the UHF band. Both companies strongly believe that the formation of RFID standards in the UHF band will greatly enhance open solutions for RFID end users. Together the two companies will promote a standards proposal to be submitted to the ISO SC 31 and ANSI as well as other standards organisations to harmonise industry standards in North America and Europe.

Texas Instruments entered the radio frequency identification market in 1991 with the world-wide introduction of the TIRIS product line. Fusing together core competencies in advanced semiconductors, microelectronic packaging and computer system design, TI has low (134.2 kHz) and mid (13.56 MHz) frequency RFID products. The core competencies of SCS's products have been in the 2.45 GHz frequency range. The development of a UHF band product between SCS and Texas Instruments will enhance the product lines offered by both companies.

"Texas Instruments' manufacturing and marketing leadership in the RFID market, combined with SCS' technological capabilities, form the co-operative platform for this development," explained Dave Slinger, V.P. of Texas Instruments and world-wide business manager of TIRIS. "This milestone agreement brings two respected names in the industry together to develop leading edge technology for emerging logistics applications while simultaneously creating world standards."

Founded in 1992, SCS Corporation's mission is to bring practical, low-cost identification technology to the "real world". The company is based in San Diego, Calif., and its technology is protected by twelve patents with two additional patents pending.

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