Truck Mount 2.4GHz RF-ID


Truck Mount 2.4Ghz RF-ID Reader/ProgrammerHandheld unlicensed 2.4GHz RFID Reader/Programmer for Intellitag® 500 products can be integrated for use in most data collection applications.

Forklift Trucks or any mobile vehicle can be fitted with a RF-ID 1555 Reader/Programmer and a 5055 data collection PC to ensure one of the highest integrities of data collection available.

The tag memory is Field or Factory programmable and offers 1024 bits of storage, 96 are used for system addressing and control leaving 928 bits available to be programmed and locked in such a way as to fit any data collection application. These tags are passive and contain no battery but data can be written and rewritten up to 100,000 times into the tag.