Intellitag 500 Series

Microwave Tag Products

Microwave Tag ProductsThe read range of these tags is up to 1.25 m (4.1ft) using unlicensed 2.4GHz scanner with one fixed antenna and an increased read range of up to 2.5 m (8.2ft) with two fixed antennas.

The tag chip operates over a wide frequency range in the 2.4GHz band for regulatory compliance and application flexibility.

With a 1024 bit memory you are able to read, write, rewrite, or permanently lock individual bytes and with byte boundary memory addressing the tag memory is addressed on 8-bit boundaries for read and write operations.

Microwave tag ProductsBy using the anticollision protocol features built into these tags you can scan up to 50 tags per second in a given RF field regardless of the number of tags in the read zone, enabling you to select tag groups by user-defined criteria for more efficient operation. It is also possible to write common data simultaneously to multiple tags.

Packaged Intellitag® 500 chips, radio frequency identification (RFID) inserts, and tags are offered for integration into microwave-band RFID solutions requiring read range, multitag sort, read/write, and memory capacity not provided by older lower frequency proximity technology.

Microwave Tag ProductsTag memory, (1024 Bits),can be factory or field programmed and optionally permanently locked; bytes left unlocked can be rewritten over and over upto 100,000 times.