MP9320 UHF 869MHz Fixed RF-ID Reader

869Mhz Fixed RF-ID Reader MPR9320The MP9320 UHF Long-Range Reader is a breakthrough in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader/interrogator design. Providing unparalled flexibility, the MP9320 supports a variety of UHF tag protocols and provides the best defense against future obsolescence.
Available in FCC and ETSI configurations, the MP9320 helps to “future-proof” your UHF hardware investment.

With its extended read range and high data rates, the MP9320 is especially suited for asset management and logistics applications requiring the simultaneous reading of a large number of tags at greater distances.

With RF connections for up to four antennas, the MP9320 easily adapts to loading dock and portal installations for aggregated container tracking, pallet tracking, and inventory management.

Incorporating robust, scalable architecture, the MP9320 is upgradeable to new, emerging protocols and standards. The first release of the product supports the ISO 18000-6A and -6B protocols, along with the EM Marin 4022 and new 4222 device. Also, the MP9320 can be implemented as a stand-alone UHF solution or included in a networked reader environment.

Features Advantages Benefits
  • First UHF RFID reader to incorporate multi-protocol technology for ISO 18000-6A and -6B and EM Marin 4022 and 4222 with support for upto four antennas.
  • Reduces dependence on a single vendor's tag protocol and hardware
  • Scalable architecture enables you to support dozens of UHF readers on one network and easily add multi-frequency capability as your RFID needs grow.
  • The MP9320 is supported by a variety of integration tools including development systems, web interfaces, SOAP messaging, and FORTH interpreters.
  • Multiple host interface connection options: RS-232 and RS-485
  • Integrated capability to sense external triggers to start read/write cycles and to control actuators for subsequent item movement which reduces costs by eliminating the need for additional PLC hardware
  • 10BaseT Ethernet LAN support through a concentrator module
  • Remote access to administrator functions including software diagnosis, application upgrading, and protocol updating through an easy-to-use Web interface. Minimizes support costs and minimizes downtime.
  • Protocols - BiStarT, Dura-LabelT, ePCT and ISO 18000T A and B protocols
  • Multi-Tag Read - 6-100 Tags per Second (Depends on Tag Type)
  • Frequency - Frequency (Europe) 864-870 MHz (25 KHz steps)
    Frequency (Europe) 869.525 MHz single frequency
    Frequency (USA) 902-928 MHz (100 KHz steps)
  • RF Power (Europe) - RF Power range 10 mW - 4 W
    2.5 W ERP to antenna (FCC - USA Spec)
    500 mW ERP to antenna (ETSI European Spec)
  • Antenna Polarisation - Circular Polarisation, Optional Vertical/Horizontal(Depends on Anenna style chosen)
  • Read Range (Europe) - 1 to 2.5 Metres (Depends on Tag type and Orientation)
  • Write Range - 70% of read range
  • Power Supply - Power supply Regulated 12-15 VDC (with optional DC-DC converter 10-16 VDC) @ 2 Amps
    Communication Ports RS-232, RS-485EIA/TIA-232F
  • I/O Control - Digital Input/Output (4) TTL inputs (optically isolated) (4) TTL outputs (open collector)
  • Size - 5.0 in x 7.0 in x 9.5 in
    127 mm x 178 mm x 241 mm
  • Weight - 4 lbs (1.8 kgs)
  • Operating Temperature - C -20 to + 70C
  • Storage Temperature - C -40 to + 85C
  • Humidity - 5% - 95% Non Condensing
  • Safety and EMC Compliance - FCC Part 15 Subpart B, EN 60950, EN 301 489-3 EN 50364, EN 61000-3-2,3-3, EN 55022 Class B, EN 61000-4-2, 4-6, EN 61000-4-8, 4-11, EN 300 330-2